Ridhima Sharma

  • Managing Partner & Founder


As a seasoned legal professional, she is known for her steadfast commitment to ensuring legal excellence in her clients’ business endeavours. Her journey the legal profession has taken her through various courts of law and tribunals, where she zealously represented her clients before transitioning into leadership roles within corporate entities spanning diverse sectors such as real estate, hospitality, and education.

Ridhima achieved a remarkable feat by setting a record in ASIA BOOK OF RECORD and INDIA BOOK OF RECORD for her organisation for filing the maximum number of IP applications in a single day, highlighting her exceptional proficiency in intellectual property matters.

After nearly 18 years of corporate service, she embarked on a transformative career move by founding PRAMAH LAWMEN CHAMBERS, a comprehensive law firm, building up a team of accomplished attorneys with diverse expertise, addressing the legal needs of companies hailing from various sectors around the world.