Shiva Pandey

  • Senior Associate - Corporate


With close to a decade of experience, Shiva is an adept professional specializing in drafting and reviewing both domestic and international contracts. Her expertise extends to navigating the intricate web of laws prevalent in different countries, ensuring that agreements are compliant and legally sound. She possesses a keen eye for detail and demonstrates unwavering dedication to effectively managing the entire contract lifecycle.

Shiva excels in strategically crafting corporate agreements that seamlessly integrate with the operational framework of businesses across all sectors. Her robust background in corporate and commercial law equips her with the necessary skills to negotiate and draft agreements across a spectrum of domains, including joint ventures, outsourcing, and distribution.

Having worked across diverse sectors ranging from technology to real estate, medical to media, Shiva has amassed invaluable experience in managing commercial contracts. Her proficiency lies in meticulously redrafting contracts to align with evolving business needs and legal requirements