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At the core of our firm, we firmly hold the belief that the foundation is “human," and the key to sustainability and excellence lies within our “team." We understand that systems built upon these principles consistently lead to success. What sets us apart is our dynamic and youthful team, characterized by their innovative spirit and a profound understanding of the essence of teamwork. Each one of you at PRAMAH, is a valued legal professional, contributing your unique skills and expertise in a collaborative effort to successfully complete every assignment at the firm. I am committed to nurturing a work environment that prioritises collaboration, mutual respect, and transparent communication.

Your opinions and perspectives hold great significance, and at PRAMAH, we are dedicated to actively enhancing your professional development and personal well-being.

We welcome young, enthusiastic and dynamic attorneys to join our team and set new standards of legal excellence.

Ridhima Sharma
Managing Partner & Founder
As a seasoned legal professional, she is known for her steadfast commitment to ensuring legal excellence in her clients’ business endeavours. Her journey the legal profession has taken her through various courts of law and tribunals, where she zealously represented her clients before transitioning into leadership roles within corporate entities spanning diverse sectors such as real estate, hospitality, and education. Ridhima achieved a remarkable feat by setting a record in ASIA BOOK OF RECORD and INDIA BOOK OF RECORD for her organisation for filing the maximum number of IP applications in a single day, highlighting her exceptional proficiency in intellectual property matters. After nearly 18 years of corporate service, she embarked on a transformative career move by founding PRAMAH LAWMEN CHAMBERS, a comprehensive law firm, building up a team of accomplished attorneys with diverse expertise, addressing the legal needs of companies hailing from various sectors around the world.
Anu Gupta
Senior Associate – Intellectual Property
A registered patent agent and an advocate, she hold a unique blend of qualifications, including M.Tech and Law, with nearly a decade of experience in offering IPR protection services to a diverse clientele, both in India and internationally. She has successfully managed over 1000 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) projects till date, achieving a remarkable track record of grant approvals. She has provided her expertise and experience for Indian, US, and European Patent applications for a number of applicants, so far.
CS Richa Singh
Senior Associate - Compliance
As a company secretary, she is an expert in areas such as corporate governance, secretarial compliance, corporate advisory services, including due diligence, and adeptly liaising with regulatory authorities. Her extensive background includes advocating for clients in various legal bodies, including the MSME Council, NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal), RD (Regional Director), and more, as integral components of her role. Furthermore, she possesses hands-on experience in guiding startups through compliance processes and is skilled in the intricate design and management of Employees Stock Option Plans (ESOPs).
Anuj Malhotra
Senior Associate - Corporate Litigation
Anuj is an experienced legal expert, specializing in Civil Litigation, Arbitration Laws, IBC Laws, and Intellectual Property litigation, hence has a robust legal background. He has a notable career, having been worked by top-tier law firms in the country. He handles corporate litigation for PLC having a consistent track record of representing the firm's clients and various companies in a wide array of legal forums, including District Courts, Consumer Courts, National Company Law Tribunals, and High Courts.