Starts from 31,999/-* INR

Why register for IP- Patent/Trademark/copyright?
IP registration is crucial for startups as it safeguards innovations, preserves brand identity, prevents copycats, enhances market value, creates revenue streams, defends against litigation, facilitates global expansion, attracts talent, and supports exit strategies. It is an investment in the long-term success and sustainability of the startup in the competitive business landscape.
The IP kit includes:
  • One Patent application
  • One Trademark application
  • One Copyright application
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Starts from INR 29,999/-* Only

Why Startup Annual Kit?
This start up annual kit is designed to address the most crucial aspect of any new businesses i.e. compliance. This kit would help in navigating the complex regulatory landscape and establish a strong foundation for legal and ethical business practices. It helps in fastening up the legal due diligence, reduces the business opportunity loss, establishes credibility to investors and controlling the statutory penalties and fines on the company.

Startup Annual Kit includes:

  • STARTUP Registration
  • GST Registration
  • MSME Registration
  • Brand Registration (one Trademark application)
  • Agreements & Contracts
  • Secretarial compliances
  • Audit of 1stY. books of accounts

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Starts from INR 24,999/-* Only

Why Human Resources Legal Kit is important?
The Human Resource legal kit provides requisite documents, especially customized for your organization as per its business operation needs, ensuring protection of employer and employee rights and mitigating potential risk. It helps the organizations create a secured and legally compliant foundation for their human resource management practices.

What does this Human Resources Legal Kit include?

  1. Human Resource Policies
  2. Employee onboarding documents
  3. POSH compliances
  4. Employment Contract
  5. Requisite forms, notices, and letters of employment

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