Welcome to Pramah Lawmen

Precision In Practice Courage In Approach

Welcome to Pramah Lawmen

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Welcome to Pramah Lawmen

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Welcome to Pramah Lawmen

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To achieve and maintain the highest standards of legal excellence.


Delivering impactful legal solutions


Integrity, Courage, Precision, Social Responsibility, Empowerment

Pramah Lawmen

Welcome to PRAMAH LAWMEN, a trusted legal partner dedicated to serving your needs with integrity, expertise, and commitment to legal excellence. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, making our clients and their needs our priority.

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Desk of Managing Partner

“At PLC, we understand that each client and case is unique, and hence our commitment to each is based on principles of trust, integrity and professionalism. Each of our attorney's aims to be a beacon of legal expertise and trusted ally to our clients in pursuit of smooth operations of their businesses. We listen with empathy, advise with expertise, and advocate with unwavering determination. We believe in the power of open communication, the importance of tailored solutions, and the strength of collaborative relationships. Your interests and rights are our foremost priority." – Ridhima Sharma

Ridhima Sharma

Managing Partner & Founder

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Transaction Advisory Services

“Transactions play a pivotal role

Contract Lifecycle Management

We excel in offering top-notch

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

Dedicated legal partner in safeguarding

Secretarial Compliance

At Pramah Lawmen Chambers, we

Startup Advisory

Our expert team at Pramah

Miscellaneous legal services

We specialize in providing meticulous

Media and Entertainment Law

Team at Pramah,  possess a

Paralegal Services

PRAMAH is well equipped in

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Our Attorneys

Jankee B. Pandey

Legal Director

Anu Gupta

Senior Associate – Intellectual Property

CS Richa Singh

Senior Associate - Compliance

Shiva Pandey

Senior Associate - Corporate

Dr. Amita Kumari

Senior Associate - Patents

Anwer Hussain Azad

Legal Associate - Intellectual Property

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